WebLink is a module which allows your customers to browse your Web site for the movies which are available for rental. Movies can be searched by a keyword from the title, the director's name, an actor's name, category (eg Action & adventure) and format (eg DVD), or any combination of these.

The customer can then check the availability of a movie and reserve it (if it is currently available) or add it to their wish list. The VideoMate database is updated automatically, so the online reservations and the additions to the wish list are read by the program. You will also be notified by email when a movie is reserved or added to the wish list.

The WebLink can be uploaded after each rental transaction (requires a broadband connection) or every 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

This allows customers to browse your site from the comfort of home (or work). It saves the customer the time of browsing through videos in the store, and you can have the videos ready for collection when the customer comes to pick them up.

Please note that if you do not intend to use the WebLink module you do not need an Internet connection at your store.

You can test drive the WebLink module below. There are five DVDs in the database: A Beautiful Mind, Babe, Dances With Wolves, Hannibal and Training Day. You can use the customer number 0001 and the PIN 1234.